A Deep Look To The Next 2020 Audi RS4 Avant

2020 Audi RS4 Avant Dashboard

The Spy Shots Photos of The 2020 RS4 has been upload to many Autos Forum on the internet, From the outside there no big change to this Audi RS4 Avant next model, it looks like other Audi SUV like A4, but according to the informations that we’ve got Audi will give more power to the 2020 RS4 Edition. So let’s take a look deeper to this 2020 Audi RS4 Avant.

2020 Audi RS4 Avant Will have More Power With The New Engine

Model Overview

For 2020 Model Year, The RS4 Avant Up front, the headlights have a different shape compared to the current setup of the RS4 Avant and have been brought in line with those of recent models carrying the Four Rings. The corporate grille doesn’t meet the bottom of the hood anymore as these two are now separated by the upper section of the bumper.

Although we can’t quite see what’s going on inside, from some of the angles we are able to notice the tablet-styled infotainment system has been retained. It means the RS4 Avant facelift will not get the nicely integrated MMI of the bigger Audis, but some updates could still be in order with the mid-cycle refresh.

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A further tweaked digital instrument cluster seems like an educated guess, along with a few revisions to the trim and upholstery. Around the back, the facelift brings new taillights with fresh pulsating graphics and a revised look for the diffuser. Audi fans may also notice that those little plastic grilles next to all the lights are gone.

2020 RS4 Avant Power

As we all know, The RS4 Exterior isn’t so pretty, but nobody cares when it’s covered in performance hardware and Quattro sounds while blasting down the road. Well, there no official information about which engine will power this next 2020 RS4 edition.

Audi fitted an electric supercharger on the SQ5 TDI and made many V6 performance concepts. The RS4 Avant desperately needs a bump too. Not only does the C63 S T-Model have a 60 horsepower advantage, but BMW is coming out with the new M3, and it too has bumped up its numbers. Our best guess is that the RS4 could offer about 20 HP though one of its performance packages.


Well, there no official info about when This RS4 will arrive in United State but many rumors from Autos Site said this Next RS4 edition will available in early 2020.

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