Introducing The Future 2022 BMW I4

2022 BMW I4 Exterior Concept

BMW working on their future Sports Car, The 2022 BMW I4, This car will be the brand’s first fully electric mass-market vehicle and its design will be inspired by the Vision Dynamics Concept. Reports suggest the EV will have a driving range of up to 435 miles (700 kilometers). So let see how this car will look like.

2022 BMW I4 Bumper Photo

The Exterior Design

The 2022 i4 will undoubtedly lead the way when it comes to BMW’s aesthetics and design language, at least when it comes to each of its electrified offerings that is. And again – we think that a very good thing indeed. Futuristic lines and loads of geometric shapes pervade throughout, while we’re also seeing a bit of BMW’s four-door Gran Coupe in there as well. The goal looks to be four-door practicality matched with the spacey loveliness of the i8, which makes sense considering the i8 was widely hailed as a huge styling success.

the i4 should be quite the head-turner. Up front, the four-door will get the thing, sharp headlight housings with a dual set of daytime running lights per side. The LED lighting is expected from front to back. The lower chin element is offset in black, giving the nose a top/bottom aesthetic that works particularly well on the i8. Extra sinew lines plump up the hood and help lead the eye rearwards, while also enhancing the snout up front.

Really, the only thing we dislike about this look has to be that front kidney grille. We know it’s pretty much a must-have for any BMW model, what with the heritage and all that, but does it have to be so garish? The geometric style is fine, but the size of it makes it stand out way too much, and it could probably use a downsize. We think a horizontal design would work better, as opposed to the vertical look. What’s more, the grille is completely unnecessary (this is an all-electric, remember?), but that’s a different topic entirely.

Things improve as we move into the flanks, though. The hard angles are much more effective here, with extended side wills that give the car a slimmer profile. The sharp edges are seen at the B-pillars also look quite good, enhancing the skid skirts and falling back into the trunk.

In the rear, we’d expect the same kind of squared-off, squat tail seen on the BMW i8, with complimentary style lines enhancing the car’s natural visual width. Indeed, the i4 looks as though it’s got the same proportions as its sportier i8 sibling, with an extended wheelbase, short overhangs, and a low roof giving it that coupe-from-the-future attitude.

Interior of Th 2022 BMW I4

For The Inside area, The dash of 2022 I4 will be broad and come covered in soft-touch materials, while the center console will get a mix of brushed aluminum trim and piano black lacquer surrounds. We’d also expect BMW to offer the i4 with a more eco-conscious package incorporating recycled materials and sustainable build practices. After all, this is an all-electric vehicle we’re talking about.

While eye-catching in terms of look and feel, the cabin should also pique buyers’ interests through the use of cutting-edge technology, much of which will trickle down throughout the Bimmer lineup. Stuff like digital gauges, a heads-up display, advanced navigation, smartphone support, wireless charging, and the like is all expected here, as is gesture control. We might even see BMW delve into augmented reality with the i4.

This I4 offers features customers stuff like self-parking, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, and the like, but the i4 could bring much, much more by the time it’s released. Think nearly fully autonomous driving.

Finally, although it’s about as big as the 3 Series, the i4 is expected to get a significantly larger cabin space, given the more compact packaging of the all-electric drivetrain. With BMW mounting the pack underneath the floor and putting electric motors at the corners, passenger space will be plentiful, while both front and rear will be extra storage space for long trips.

How Fast The I4 Will Be?

the i4 will debut the fifth generation of the tech, with a pair of electric motors mounted in front and in the rear, blessing the machine with natural AWD grip and advanced torque vectoring handling characteristics. It’ll also employ fifth-generation battery cells, which are rumored to be sourced directly from Samsung.

We’d like to see something more advanced than the traditional lithium-ion units, but it’s unlikely BMW will stray far given the brand is looking to secure a 10-year supply of the element to power its EV lineup far into the future. Regardless, the i4 will have it where it counts, sporting at least 200 miles of range. Higher in the range, the Bimmer will offer a peak range of 435 miles, that is if recent rumors are to be believed.

Well, actually, it’s more than just a rumor, as Auto Express recently spoke with BMW’s CEO, Harald Kruger, who personally confirmed that the i4’s powertrain will go up to 700 km per charge. And that ain’t bad at all, especially when you consider the original concept was said to offer as much as 370 miles per charge. Sounds like Bimmer’s engineers found a few extra electrons.

The 2022 BMW i4 will be no slouch when it comes to performance. Acceleration will be mighty quick indeed, with the sprint from 0 to 60 mph completed in less than 4 seconds. Sheer outright velocity will be a bit less impressive though, with top speed expected to max out at 124 mph.

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2022 BMW I4 Engine System

Even before its release, the i4 is expected to share some of its powertrain technology with other Bimmer products, such as the Mini Cooper EV and iX3 EV crossover. The i3 will also benefit from the powertrain developments, with range increased up to 150 miles from its current 97 miles. Finally, the i4 will be built on a new common architecture, something that will also be used for Bimmer’s various other plug-in hybrids and all-electric models.

How Much You Need To Get One?

The price tag of around $45,000 to $50,000, give or take, would feel just right for the i4. Numbers like that would make it like a very well-equipped Tesla Model 3, which, considering the range per charge and equipment on board, is about right for the Bimmer.

The i4 will be sold in markets around the world alongside BMW’s other electrified models, which will once again include the sporty i8 plug-in hybrid coupe and the small city runabout i3, as well as several other battery-powered offerings currently heading down the line.