A Deep Look To The New 2020 BMW M850i


For 2020 Model Year, The 8 series from BMW is available as an 840i with a six-cylinder engine or as an M850i with a V-8. BMW did a big improvement to this new 2020 BMW M850i, where the inside area will look more stylish than the previous one and also the dashboard full with high tech devices that makes the car well managed by the driver.

2020 BMW M850i Front View

Exterior Design of The New 2020 M850i

Speaking about the exterior style, The New  8 Series or 2020 M850i chassis is based on the 5 series but the extra emphasis was placed to improve the structure, drive technology, suspension and achieving the dynamic performance expected of a top-class sports car.

2020 M850i is a big car but it does not look large, which is a good thing. There is a very strong resemblance to the Ford Mustang in terms of shape. In fact, the two cars are very similar, and that is not a bad thing. The 8 is a bit longer while the Mustang is a bit wider and the rear track is identical to the millimeter.

Interior Design of 2020 M850i

In the inside of the 2020 BMW M850i, the muscle car feel continues with big doors that shut with a heavy and solid feel and a low roof. Amazingly, visibility is actually not that bad even to the rear despite the small windows. The front seats are extremely comfortable, and there is loads of luxury that you would expect in a car of this price level. The rear seats are a bit difficult to get into for larger adults, and they are really not meant for adults. Interestingly, the trunk is actually very roomy and can hold a lot of luggage although the opening is a bit small.

The Engine

For The Engine, The New 2020 BMW M850i powered with 523-horsepower, twin-turbo, V-8 loses a bit of power compared to the similar engine in the M5. With xDrive all-wheel drive as standard on the M850i, it is easy to launch the car from a standstill and hit the 60 mph mark in only 3.5 seconds. It could easily top out at 190 mph was it not governed to a maximum of 155 mph. With the all-wheel-drive grip, acceleration is very drama free with barely a chirp from the tires.

The front 245/35-20 and rear 275/30-20 tires may seem a bit small for this car but they provide so much grip that it is just astonishing, and you will almost never be at the limit on the street unless you are a lunatic. We were also surprised at how you can toss this big car around effortlessly.

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2020 BMW M850i Engine Options


Speaking about the price, The M850i definitely is not cheap with a base price of $112,000, and it resides at a level with many heavy hitters such as Aston Martin.

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