The Next Dodge Challenger Edition Will Available For 2022 Model Year

2021 Dodge Challenger New Edition

Dodge Challenger is The Dream car for Young American to get one, First Introduced in 2008 The Dodge Challenger got a lot of Attention from American back then, even from all around the world, This Dodge Challenger is a perfect western sports car. Today Dodge has given their announcement that They are working on the next-gen Challenger, So let see How The Next Challenger (2022 Dodge Charger) will look like.

2021 Dodge Challenger Side View

Concept Design of The 2021 Challenger

There no big change for The Design, The new model (2021 Challenger) aside from a bit more muscular wheel arches and a wider rear end. Up front, the familiar layout with four round headlights will most likely be retained and will be combined with a more pronounced grille and larger air intakes in the bumper.

In September last year, it was reported that Dodge could move the vehicle to a Maserati architecture, which will be introduced with the new Ghibli sedan. Earlier rumors even suggested the future Charger and The Next 2021 Challenger might use Alfa Romeo’s Giorgio chassis. However, approximately two months ago, Motor Authority claimed the duo will continue to ride on versions of the Chrysler LX platform, which is now more than 10 years old.

The problem with Giorgio is from size and capability standpoint it reflects much more of a European performance requirement than it does the American heritage of Dodge. Of course, if that’s the final decision of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the platform will be heavily revised to help Dodge meet the stricter emissions and safety standards of the next decade. In fact, work is already underway, So Let wait when The Next 2021 Challenger comes out.


To make a better Performance of this car, Dodge will continue to grow as a performance brand while Chrysler will become further ingrained with Waymo and self-driving tech, the 300’s future isn’t looking bright. But hey, the Challenger and Charger are only going to get better, V8s and all.

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As we said early this Next Cwill come out for the 2021 Model year, So the release date of this car is somewhere in early 2021, sadly there no price information yet. Keep connected with, we will update this story if we receive new information about The Next 2021 Challenger.