A Deep Look To The Next 2020 Lotus Elise

2020 Lotus Elise Concept

Lotus the Famous British Sports Cars Maker that always do a great job in bringing the surprised to the Sports Cars Market with their new cars concept, This interesting to discuss after Chinese Company take control to this Lotus, maybe they have something new for The Next Elise (2020 Lotus Elise). According to the latest information from many British cars site, The Company (Lotus) in working for their next Elise Edition, This new edition of Lotus Elise will release for 2020 Model year, So let take a look how The Next 2020 Elise will be.

Current Lotus Elise With Red Color

Concept Design of 2020 Elise

The 2020 Elise edition will stay true to its lightweight roots, using the same extruded aluminium chassis technology pioneered on the original Elise S1, which went on sale in 1996, and which underpins all of Lotus’s cars today. The next Elise will remain true to the design and engineering philosophy of today’s car. Basically, there no big change in the Design area of the 2020 Elise.

The big modifications are the light weight of the cars which for the new one Lotus has A target weight of 900kg is believed to have been set for the new Elise, despite the additional challenges involved in building the car to meet US regulations. Although that is a stark rise over the original S1’s 725kg in particular, the need to hit US crash regulation targets may dictate that while the car will be no longer than the current Elise’s 3.7 metres, it needs to be wider in order to incorporate side airbags and extra crash structures.

That, in turn, presents a challenge to keep cabin entry and egress for the driver and passenger simple. However, Lotus has made great strides in this area with the Evora and engineers are said to be confident they can do the same again. The firm has also greatly reduced the weight of its composite body panels in recent years and, in time, super-lightweight variants of the car are expected to be delivered and hit target weights of below 900kg.

The original Elise’s core design has evolved from the iconic Julian Thomson-penned original over the past 20 years, and the new car is expected to follow the trend for more instantly arresting design while maintaining the car’s familiar shape and design cues.

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Availability For U.S.A Market?

Lotus biggest markets today are Japan, Britain, Germany and France, that give us question “Do this 2020 Lotus Elise will sale in United State?”. Lotus is currently launching the revamped Evora 400 in the US and Gales (Lotus Sales Manager) has made no secret of the fact that he sees growth in that market as key to driving increased profits at the Norfolk firm. Gales said. “There is no question that the US will be our number one market, with sales of the Evora 400 starting there this summer. It represents a fantastic opportunity.” For American That Your Answer.

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