A Deep Look To The New 2019 Toyota Corolla GR

2019 Toyota Corolla GR New Edition

Toyota Corolla, This car has a new version for this year, The 2019 Toyota Corolla GR. Toyota Corolla GR is Sport version of Corolla. So let take a look deeper to this new Toyota Corolla GR, Many car experts said this car one of Toyota main product for Sportscar Market on this year.

2019 Toyota Corolla GR Full View

The Design

This 2019 Corolla GR Sport version comes with the more sporty looking model, with a more aggressive design, two-tone paint and alloy wheels, a new grille, new front and rear bumpers a lower body kit, revised headlight inlays, and new fog lights, and a model-specific color known as Dynamic Grey. Toyota kept the 18-inch wheels only for the GR Sport, but you can order the wheels in that size on the standard car as well. Even the design of the wheels is the same as you can get on the Corolla Touring Sports 2.0-liter. It does have quite beefy 225/40 tires, though.

The interior is said to offer a few sporty changes, too – though no images have yet been released. The car will debut at the Geneva motor show in early March, and we’ll add more pictures when they’re available. The sports seats inside are unique to this model. The bolsters are thicker and covered with leather. The rest of it is just black cloth. Yet, you can pay a bit more and get full leather. Gazoo Racing differentiates the cabin from the standard Corolla hybrid with black and red stitching on the dash, steering wheel, and gear lever. If you look at the GR plaque, you can see that it’s actually black and red, it looks Toyota will make all Corolla version look more sporty including for the next 2020 Corolla Sedan.

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The New Corolla GR Sport is said to see a raft of chassis changes to make it handle with a touch more agility. But the drivetrain options are set to remain the same, with 2.0-liter petrol or 1.8-liter hybrid available.


Toyota plans to sell New Corolla GR in Europe by January 2020. While Toyota did not confirm the Corolla GR Sport for the U.S.

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